Travel On!


So, one glance at any news headline these days and your heart may start racing, your disbelief of the atrocities happening in the world (on what now seems to be on a daily basis), may make you want to shut all the doors, close all the windows, and secure yourself in the “safety” of your own environment. Anyone feeling this way? It is a natural fight or flight reaction, and it is not wrong, but my dear friend, I encourage you not to let fear keep you hostage. Do not let fear make you suspicious. Do not let fear harden your beautiful heart. DO NOT let fear stop you from living the most joyful and loving life that you can create. You, me, and everyone else on the planet must continue to live our lives despite the fear we all may be feeling. After all, there has been since the beginning of time, and always will be many reasons to be fearful in life, but we will be missing out on so much if we give in to it.

I am a travel lover. I have traveled all over the world, it is something that feeds my soul, and the thought of stopping at any point in my life, is just not fathomable. It is part of who I am. In fact, in just 17 short days from today, my husband and I will be back in Europe for almost a month. We will be traveling to The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and The UK. We will be traveling by planes, trains, and automobiles (so excited to be taking the train that goes under the English Channel for the first time!!…),and we will make wonderful memories just as we have in the many trips we have taken to Europe previously. ¬†Yes, we will continue to travel on despite the raised terrorist threats. Will we be more aware of our surroundings? Absolutely. But we will still be sitting in the beautiful cafes and enjoy people watching as we share a great bottle of wine. We will enjoy seeing the sights of history that only Europe can show us, and we will cherish the time we will share with our friends and family that live there. No my friend, fear will not keep us from living the life we love to live.

It just has to be this way. The moment we all start shying away from our normal activities, and start letting all the “what if’s” take over our thoughts that keep us from living as we usually do, well…..then the assholes out there doing the unspeakable acts of violence have already won. For me, this is unacceptable. I refuse to let evil define my life. So yes, in 17 days, I put my faith in the good of humanity, and I travel on.

I look forward to sharing pictures and videos with you of my adventures my friend! It is going to be a wonderful time of exploration of new places that I have never been to, and falling into normal routine with other places I have been to many times. I can’t wait!! Knowing I am leaving in just over 2 weeks, puts a smile on my face and an extra skip in my step today!

So, if you are a travel lover like me and you are debating on whether or not to book that next trip….DO IT! You must! If you are not a travel lover, but you are fearful of ___________ (fill in the blank with any number of things)….I encourage you also to keep moving forward. Keep being positive, and keep living out loud.

Keep living your life my friend. After all, fear does not stop death. It stops life.

Happy Monday! Make this new week count.

Kalee xo

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