Time Out!


Calm the fuck down everybody!!! Take a time out on all the hate. The judgement. The anger. The hurt. The need to make sure your opinion is not only heard, but agreed with! Guess what? I don’t have to agree with you, and you don’t have to agree with me. It really is okay. This is the great thing about living in a free world. But what is not okay is that when those opinions do not match, that hate and judgement become the only way of communicating. I realize there is a whole lot of hate and evil going on around us, but I do believe that we can individually do our part to counteract the bad, and I truly believe that small acts of kindness still matters. One persons act of love to another, can start a chain reaction that has the power to go on forever.

So, this weekend, if you have the urge to pass on judgement, or negative news, how about you stifle that, and find something good to post on your social media. Something that will make someone feel empowered, and loved. Something that has the power to change a life in a positive way. Take a time out from making sure your opinion is agreed with. Take a time out to just love.

Happy weekend!

Kalee xo

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