The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Good morning. Hooray! Look at my cute little avatar! There she is again!! So great to revive her and see my favorite hat!! 🙂 Anyway…lets talk.

I want to let you know that I have been lying to myself for quite some time now. It has looked something like this:

“What I have to say doesn’t really matter”. “I have nothing to share that is meaningful”. “No one misses what I have shared previously”. “I don’t want to emotionally invest in anyone else outside my close friends and family”. “There are SO many people out there writing about similar things that I tend to write about”….and the list of self-conversation goes on and on….

Can I hear some of you already saying..”GIRL, I HEAR YA”???!! (don’t be shy, you are…)

Well, I am lying to myself with that self talk and you are lying to yourself if you are having those same self discussions.

Here is the deal. We ALL have something unique to give that no one else in the world has. No one else has been through our own personal experiences and no one else can view the world from our perspective. Similar perspective and experiences? Absolutely. But from OUR experience and perspective? Never.

After living almost 47 years, I have come to the conclusion that we are put on this planet to share who we are with others. To connect in a deep, human way that can only come from where we have been in life. The happy places, and the dark places (those of you who have followed my blogs for a while know I was in the dark place a few years ago). All of it. If we are honest with ourselves and for-go the “life is perfect” persona we all gladly share way too often (my hand raised too!), then this is where the beauty of life lies. In the real. In the messy. These are the moments I cherish the most because it shows what it means to be human.

Let’s also talk about the gifts we all have in our born personalities. I now know that one of my gifts is people. I am really good with people and connecting on a deep level with most people I meet. That is a gift. I don’t take this for granted (anymore). I also know not everyone has this gift. They have other gifts. We all do and when we truly connect with what our gifts are, there is magic in life. Let’s face it, I am NEVER going to be good at math, or a star athlete, but that is okay. There are many people out there that share that gift with others. I don’t have to be anyone else but me. My gift is people and sharing my truth in the way I see fit. One of these is writing this blog. AND, I DO care about people. As much as I try not to (that sounds terrible I know) I just do. I get invested in people whether I want to or not. It is just who I am. So me trying to not invest in people emotionally is futile. And, I’m okay with that.

So, it feels so good to be back writing. Thank you for being here. I may not know you are here, but please always know you are so appreciated. I am honored to share my words with you. I now embrace that my writing has value and it means something not only to me but to many others who have been asking for a while about when I would start writing again. They said my words are helpful to them. Wow. Pretty cool to embrace my gift.

Now to turn this on you: What are you lying to yourself about? What gifts are you withholding from all of us that give us such value? What self conversations are you having that keep you from being who you really are?

Embrace your gifts my friend. Let go of the negative self talk. Life is short. Be you. There is no one else I would ever want you to be.

As always, written with love from me to you,

Kalee xo


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