Sometimes You Picnic In The Rain


(my husband, youngest daughter, and our friends)

So, early last week my husband and I invited some friends to join us on our boat. We planned for last Saturday when the weatherman said it would be in the high 70’s and sunny. Well, as the weather goes in Texas sometimes, when Saturday arrived, it was actually rainy, windy and a high only in the mid 60’s. We debated on whether or not to go forward with our plans for going out on the lake, but in the end we decided that most likely the weather would improve (again, that IS what the weatherman said!!), and we would still go boating.

Now, when the weather is only in the mid 60’s, when you are out on a boat going 30-35 mph, it actually feels like 50 degrees or cooler. Add the light rain hitting you at that speed, and well, it can be pretty miserable. We all sort of just looked at each other and thought “this is crazy”! I loved all our optimistic spirits however!

Well, after some time driving around the lake the rain had pretty much stopped so we decided it was okay to get the food out that we brought. We put the anchor in the water and got ready to eat. Yes, it was picnic time, boat style! We spread out towels to be used as blankets. We laid all the food out nicely: crackers, cheese, chips, dips, fruit, salami…..the works…..and then the rain came again. A lot of rain.

Now on our particular boat, we don’t have a large area that can be covered. That didn’t stop us however. We all quickly gathered up the food (which now was all flavored with water), and we put up our small boat cover. The 6 of us huddled up under the covered area, and continued on with our picnic. We had all decided that a little rain was not going to damper our fun OR our picnic. As music played in the background, the 6 of us laughed, shared life stories, and we ended up having a fantastic time!


(the picnic right before the rain started and we had to take cover)

I share this story with you for one reason only. It wasn’t too long ago, that the same scenario above would have thrown me into a tailspin. Once the first rain drop fell, I would have freaked out and told my husband we needed to return back to land and go home. I would have thought the whole experience ruined, and would have been frustrated. Yes, there was a time and place not so long ago that I was not so easy going. But, my friend, what a fun experience I would have missed out on. I am so glad I have learned to “just go with the flow” of life.

I admit it, my natural state of being is pretty controlling. I have worked on this for a long time, and although there are still moments where I lose my cool (just ask my husband and kids!), for the most part, I now realize that life just happens. I have been through enough unexpected life moments to know that I actually don’t have any control at all. So why fight it?! I have learned that sometimes what initially seems like a disaster of a situation, can actually turn out to be one of the best to have happened! Oh yes, I have learned to laugh more. To adjust more. To LIVE more. And I am a million times happier because of it.

So, as you start this new week my friend, remember this: You WILL have rain on your picnic’s in life. You will NOT always have control. Quickly adjust to the situation and carry on. Do not miss out on the rainbows that come after the rain. Enjoy life.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Happy Monday.

Kalee xo

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