Sometimes Let It Be All About You


How great is that quote?!! It has always been my favorite. Dr. Seuss is bringing the TRUTH!!….just a friendly reminder for you on this Monday morning……

Okay friend, this may come across as frivolous or silly, but today I woke up excited and ready for the day! Not because it is the start of a festive Christmas week, (although, how exciting!!)…but because I get to do something for myself that I have not been able to do in the last four months….ready for it?…….I am going to get my nails done! See, for the last several months that I was working at Starbucks, we were not allowed to have any nail polish on our fingers whatsoever. I understand that policy, because how gross would it be if your coffee was served with a side of chipped polish?! So gross!!! And, although I do not consider myself a girly girl, ( I wear very little jewelry, and most days wear some sort of hat to keep me from having to do my hair), my nails are something I always enjoy having look nice. And the last several months, they have NOT looked nice. It is just my thing, I don’t know…….So, this afternoon I am going to the nail salon with my daughter and I am going to get a beautiful red color for the Season. I cannot wait!!! (my last day at Starbucks was this past Saturday) 😉

Now, I can probably see you rolling you eyes, like “wow Kalee, earth shattering writing this morning”….haha, and that is okay, but I want you to know that not everything has to be life changing or earth shattering for it to be important enough to talk about. Sometimes the little things we do for ourselves is not a serious matter…UNLESS, you never do them for yourself! Now THAT is serious! If you are one of those people, ask yourself why you don’t find yourself worthy of the time, money or effort it requires? Here is a little tip for you girlfriend: YOU are worth it. YOU cannot take care of anyone else if you are not taking care of yourself first! An empty well cannot give water. If you find yourself running a little dry these days, do me a favor (do yourself a favor), start replenishing the source. YOU are the source. YOU are worth it!

So yeah, nothing serious or earth shattering happening today, and you know what…….that is A-OKAY!

To all you beautiful girls who also like to get their nails done…..Girl, I Hear Ya! 🙂


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