Sit With Me

Sit with me. Let’s talk about life. Let’s talk about where our journey’s started and how far we have come. Let’s talk about the roads less traveled that we found ourselves on, sometimes lonely and afraid. Let’s talk about how desperate and sad a human can feel. Let’s talk about finding our way back to the greener paths. Let’s talk about the feeling of euphoria when in love. Let’s talk about happiness and the moments in life where our smiles are permanently etched on our faces just thinking about those golden times. Let’s talk about hurt. Let’s talk about forgiveness. Let’s talk about embarrassment. Let’s talk about the moments we are not proud of. Then let’s talk about the moments that we are completely proud of ourselves for. Let’s talk about vulnerability. Let’s talk about love.

Sit with me and let’s connect on a deeper level. I am not interested in superficial moments. I am not interested in a facade. Come as you are. I will come as I am. Let’s sit together in life and just……BE.

Happy Thursday my friend.

Kalee xo

2 thoughts on “Sit With Me

  1. So much more of a blessing when we can be vulnerable and real with one another. Another post full of wisdom, my friend. Thank you for sharing your heart with me.

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