Today is a good day to finally take action on that thing you’ve been planning and waiting for the perfect time on…..(pssst..a little secret…there is NO perfect time…).

Happy “action filled” Monday to you my friend! xo

Love Reminder

Here is the scenario: A friend is having a terrible day. She is frustrated and sad. She wants to give up whatever it is she is going after.

What would you say to her? ……….

Here is the second scenario: You are having a terrible day. You are frustrated and sad. You want to give up on whatever it is you are going after.

What do you say to yourself? ……….

There should be NO difference in your answers.

A love reminder from me to you to be kind to yourself just as you would be kind to your closest friends. You need to have self love to be able to give love.

Happy Monday dear friend. xo

Sit With Me

Sit with me. Let’s talk about life. Let’s talk about where our journey’s started and how far we have come. Let’s talk about the roads less traveled that we found ourselves on, sometimes lonely and afraid. Let’s talk about how desperate and sad a human can feel. Let’s talk about finding our way back to the greener paths. Let’s talk about the feeling of euphoria when in love. Let’s talk about happiness and the moments in life where our smiles are permanently etched on our faces just thinking about those golden times. Let’s talk about hurt. Let’s talk about forgiveness. Let’s talk about embarrassment. Let’s talk about the moments we are not proud of. Then let’s talk about the moments that we are completely proud of ourselves for. Let’s talk about vulnerability. Let’s talk about love.

Sit with me and let’s connect on a deeper level. I am not interested in superficial moments. I am not interested in a facade. Come as you are. I will come as I am. Let’s sit together in life and just……BE.

Happy Thursday my friend.

Kalee xo

Dots In The Universe

We are all strictly dots in the giant universe. We are all shapes. All colors. All going in many different directions, yet at the same time, traveling together as we move forward each day on this crazy journey we call LIFE.

Some of us are bigger dots on any given day, given our problems and stresses we are holding on to. Some of us are very small dots due to the fact that we see ourselves as insignificant. Some of us change the colors of our dots depending on who we surround ourselves with. Our dots are living and breathing and ever changing. Allow the movement my friend. Ebb and flow. It is okay. Some days just let your dot float among the masses, while other days take the lead and create the life flow.

In the grand scheme of things, our dots are here for such a short blip of time. Always try to remember this.

Happy Tuesday. Happy to be floating around this universe with you. xo

So, I haven’t blogged in awhile but you know what? It is A-Okay. I don’t feel pressure to blog. I blog when I feel like I have something to say out loud. I usually don’t blog just to blog. Why tell you this? Because if you are feeling pressure today to do something you might be “expected” to do….don’t. Be yourself. Take your time. Let things happen naturally.

Life is absolutely way too short to rush……

Friendly love reminder from me to you.

Happy Tuesday my friend. xo