Oh, The Hats We Wear!


Let’s face it, on any given day, the number of times we all change the “hats” we wear can be exhausting. We have our home hats, our work hats, and our social hats, and if you are anything like me, sometimes you feel like you need a neck brace to hold up your head just to keep all the “hats” in place! Am I right? Let’s stop the craziness!! But how?

To be fair, when we are younger, trying out many different hats is beneficial. How do we know what “hat” (job, relationship, etc.) will fit best if we don’t try several on? Maybe we even need to wear a particular hat for a long time before we understand that growth happens, and that hat is now too small. Or maybe we have our hat blown off our heads by a strong wind (life can hit us that way at times…), and it forces us to find a new style of hat. Either way, changing out our hats throughout life is actually not a bad thing. It only becomes stressful when we wake up each day not knowing what hat to put on, or we just keep adding hats on top of one another without getting rid of previous ones.

I have worn many “hats” in my lifetime, especially when it has come to work. I think I am still playing dress up with a wardrobe of hats now, looking for the one that finally molds my head unlike any other, but I know all the many colors and styles I have already worn in my adult life have made me unique in my experiences, nurtured my talents, and hopefully will lead me to the perfect “hat” one day (does any such thing actually exist?!)….I will keep you posted on that. 😉

We all become hoarders a bit when it comes to the hats we collect and wear, am I right? We don’t want to disappoint others so we keep old hats that no longer fit and are possibly unhealthy for us to wear (friendships, relationships, habits), but instead of replacing the old hat, we just find a larger one to put over the older one, and the weight on our heads becomes heavier and heavier…..here is what I say to that: sort out the old styles my friend, and get rid of them!

Life is stressful enough wearing the hats that comfortably fit, so why hold on to your vintage hats that no longer match your style, or fit your head? If your work hat is squeezing your head, ask yourself why, and either go get it stretched or find a new one. You are never too old to change your style, and life is too short to only wish you had other styles to choose from. I am not saying throw your current hat away, but I am saying today is a great day to start taking steps to making sure that when you find the beautiful, colorful hat you long for, that it is possible for you to at least try it on…who knows, maybe it is a perfect fit?!

If your home hats or your social hats are feeling a little too tight, take them off. Look at each of them deeply and honestly. The lines, the seams, the design, and ask yourself if they still fit comfortably. If the answer is anything but yes, (not a sort-of, or it will do type of yes, but a definite YES!), then figure out if you need to wear it in a different way (sometimes just turning it around makes all the difference!!), or if it is time for it to be sifted out of your collection of beautiful hats. Now, I am not saying go end your relationships today (whether romantic partners or friendships), but I am saying you have every right to evaluate them, and see which ones may be causing you constant stress. Does it need to be remolded to fit your head, or is it time to be thankful for the time you had with it, but now needs to be set free? Again, the weight of our hats should not be more than what our heads can handle. Easier said than done, I KNOW, but without even taking the time to re-evaluate our “hats”, we will continue to just add more and more, and one day our necks will break……

So today, look at the hat you have on right at this moment. Does it work for you? Is your head heavy or are you walking around with your head held high, rocking a beautiful hat that suits you? Remember that you are worth every great hat that is out there! Nothing less.

Start sifting that hat collection my friend. I will be doing the same (and you know me, I LOVE hats!!), but only the ones that keep my head held high.

Thinking of you today. Be awesome.

Kalee xo

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