No Pressure This New Year

Hello my friend. I wanted to take a few minutes out during this magical time between Christmas and New Years that I refer to as “The Pressure Zone”, to give you pause and allow you to let yourself off the hook. Guess what? You don’t have to agree to change a thing this New Year! You don’t have to commit to a year of new choices, new habits, or new (fill in the blank with anything else you can think of)……nope, you can actually just keep steady on your current journey of life and still be okay. You actually don’t have to have a monumental shift in life to confirm that you are growing as a person. It really is okay to just be who you are, right here and right now. Completely okay.

Change in anything we do, or in the person that we are, comes gradually. It is a day to day living of choices and learning about life that forms what our journey looks like. Can changes and improvements be made by any one of us? Absolutely. Daily in fact. However, that is how it should occur….daily. Not in one big gigantic declaration of change, but in how we approach life every day we wake up.

There is so much out there in the world that can dictate unexpectedly how our life journey goes. There is illness, death, dark moments, etc….so no matter how much we declare we will have a different life, we really can’t control every aspect of our lives. So why pressure ourselves with what we CAN control with what are most likely unreasonable expectations?

Just live my friend. Enjoy the moments with your loved ones. Create memories that will last more than one year, but a lifetime.

So, am I saying don’t make any resolutions to change some things in your life? Absolutely not. Only you know if significant changes need to be made to have a healthier life (in whatever area needs better health)……but what I am saying is don’t put pressure on yourself to have to find something in your life that you need to let the world know you are doing differently this new year.

Get out of the “Pressure Zone”. Stay connected to your life as it is. Be present. One day at a time.


Kalee xo

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