Lets Keep Things Civilized Please



So I am reading this new book that grabbed my attention at the store the other day. It is not the typical type of book I read, but it intrigued me, so I thought I would give it a shot. I am only a few chapters in, and it is pretty creepy. It is basically a guy stalking a girl he met one time in a bookstore and ends up finding out intimate details about her all via online social media and stuff (ummm, could happen to any of us really!!), and as far as 2 chapters in, he is becoming a silent voyeur to her world ( I know…ewwww…but can’t wait to see what happens next!!)…..but its not the story so much that I want to share with you at the moment (keep you posted on how good the book actually is when I am done with it), but I want to discuss a line in the book I read yesterday that stuck with me all day and I couldn’t shake it. Here it is: “Eye contact is what keeps us civilized”. ┬áChills. And yes!

How many of us are starving for eye contact with others? How many of us are living through the filters of our virtual worlds and are missing out on true connection? On true understanding? Lets face it, there is a whole lot of craziness happening in our world these days, and that one simple line summed it all up for me yesterday. Okay, maybe not ALL the problems in the world, but for a lot of them.

When we lack the opportunity to connect with another human being through eye contact, we lack the opportunity to see what they are saying. We can’t hear the hurt that maybe their hateful words are originating from. We can’t share our empathy in a stagnant sentence made up of words in an email or a text without the other person recognizing themselves possibly in our eyes. Yes, the connection that is shared between two human beings when they are face to face with one another is irreplaceable. But you say (I say)….“but I am just so busy, and I don’t have the time to meet with anyone”, or “texting is just easier”…..I am calling bullshit on that for you and for myself. We can always make time for what and who are truly important, and having honest and true connections with one another should always be what is most important! Obviously we have all gotten so far away from one to one connections that our world is showing the consequences of it. The hate, the judgement, the lack of compassion. So easy to do behind a wall of virtual reality.

Now, I am not saying this virtual world is a bad thing (I wouldn’t be able to write to and talk to you on this blog if we didn’t have it), but I am saying I believe the pendulum has swung way off balance between altered connections and true human connection. Let’s change that. Let’s promise to make one change a day in our own individual lives to strip the filters, and look into the bare truth of one another’s eyes. It just is a must for me. How about you?

Let’s keep things civilized (or get things back to being civilized). Let’s connect with our friends and family again. With strangers in the stores and any other public places we go to on a daily basis. Look them in the eye. Say hello. Connect. I am pretty sure you won’t regret it.

Now back to this creepy book….keep you posted on how it turns out…..

Kalee xoxo

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