Let Your Soul Sparkle Again


This picture of me was taken yesterday. After I posted it on my personal social media pages, I received comments that talked about my “glow”, my “happiness showing through” and how “peaceful” I looked. Of course, it is always nice to hear a compliment, but what REALLY feels good, is to actually feel like all of those things as well and not just “look” like all of those things.

I have previously shared with you about my “dark moments” back in 2014, and when you go through dramatic times, it feels like you will never be happy again. It doesn’t seem possible that you will ever feel peace again. But that is a lie! As much as I tried to hide from life, all the good that still surrounded me and all the love that remained out there, made sure my soul would sparkle again. And it does! Oh yes, my friend, I DO!

Yes, as I look around at my family members who were affected back in 2014, I now see everyone thriving and living a life of joy. I have allowed myself to chase after my own life goals once again without carrying around the feeling of “waiting for the other shoe to fall”. I now can go throughout my days without the fear. The fear that once I started genuinely smiling again, that I would once again miss “the signs” that something is not right. Again, another lie! I cannot control others decisions and behaviors, and neither can you my friend. So, if you are carrying around the weight designated for other’s hurt and pain, I encourage you to let it go. You HAVE to let it go. For your own health and for your loved ones health as well. We can only heal from the inside out, and although external support is absolutely needed, the true healing can only come from the individual’s own efforts to “get better”. Trust me, the hardest life lesson to learn, I know.

So yes, I am truly happy that the above picture shows the work I have put in to bring my sparkle back. So many days I thought I had lost it forever, but now I know that no matter what I may go through in life (lets face it, we have unexpected challenges always waiting around the corner….), I may lose my soul sparkle temporarily, but never permanently!

If you are going through your own “dark moments” right now my friend, please hold on to my words as truth. I don’t know what you are going through, and I may not have experienced exactly where you are today, but I do know the feeling of the darkest despair and pain, of fear, of a sadness that takes over your body in such a way that it is impossible to move, yes…all of it, and I moved through it. Slowly…one day at a time, but I did move forward. And so will you! Maybe not today, or next week, or next month, but as long as you wake up each day, you are one day closer to getting your own soul sparkle back! Promise!

My heart is with you today and all days. Always.

Kalee xo

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