Less Is More


“Everything That Remains” A memoir by The Minimalists


This book is a Christmas present I bought for myself this year. I received it yesterday and I am already half-way done! Love the message. Love the simplicity. Simplicity is sometimes harder to achieve than we think however.

Two years ago, my husband and I downsized quite a bit. We sold the big house with pool and large yard, and moved into a townhome that has half the square footage of the old house, has no yard, and no extra anything to take care of. We made this decision to allow for more time and resources to be available for travel. Traveling the world is a passion of both mine and my husbands.

However, although we downsized physically, my mental attitude is not always aligned with the action we took two years ago. I mean, I truly want to live simply, want to spend my time and money on experiences that not only make an impact on me, but hopefully makes an impact on someone else as well, but I still find myself bringing bags of “things” into the home that I do not need! It doesn’t matter if you live in a 4000 square foot home or a 400 square foot room, if you cram it with things that really don’t matter (nice to have, yes, but important, no…), then what is the point? All you have are things. And, with everything that I am, I truly don’t want to live this way.

So, as a challenge to myself in 2016, I will stop buying “things”. I will try to stay focused on needs versus wants, and if I buy something and bring it home, I will then donate something else I already have (for example, for every new pair of pants I think I “need”, an older pair of pants will be donated). I just don’t NEED anything. Believe me, I am very thankful that I can even make that statement, and don’t take a moment of my life for granted. BUT, I want to truly start living the way I am thinking. The way I want my kids to be.

So, for 2016 my motto will be: Less is more.

Less “things” and more moments. Moments of travel. Moments with my family. Moments with my friends. Moments of giving back. Moments of love. This is a promise I am making to myself today (December 22, 2015) and saying out loud to you to make me accountable. I will keep you updated throughout the year to let you know how it is going. And, if you see me outside this virtual world and notice me doing something that does not fall into this “less is more” motto, call me out on it. I give you full permission to make me accountable.

I want you to know that I understand that this mentality is not for everyone, and please know I am certainly not pushing this on you. This is just what is right for me and since I am sharing my life and experiences with you through this blog, you have to know ALL of me. And although this topic may not affect your life, my hope for this blog is that something I have been, am, or will be honest and candid about will resonate with you, and allow you to believe that none of us are ever alone! I love you girlfriend no matter how you choose to live your life! Live proudly. Be kind. And most of all, BE YOURSELF!

Girl, I Hear Ya!


2 thoughts on “Less Is More

  1. I have been on a less is more journey this year since reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. I find my resolve slipping from time to time when I feel the need to read something about simplifying about every 90 days. For me a huge thing has been to stop shopping. However, stopping isn’t enough. I must find more useful activities to fill the time void. Enjoy the journey.

    • Hi Wendy! 🙂 Thank you for your comment. It is definitely a journey for sure and one that is a lifetime in making. Congratulations on your journey as well. Any advice is more than welcome as I dig deep and truly simplify! Know I am cheering you on from afar and I know you are me! 🙂 Thanks again! XOXO

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