“Ladybugs Katherine…Ladybugs”!! ~ Frances

My very favorite movie is “Under the Tuscan Sun”. I feel like I have a little part of Frances in me. Have you seen the movie? If not, stop what you are doing, go find it on Netflix or Redbox or wherever you can find it, grab a nice glass of red or white and watch it. It is so good and SO ME! I could easily be moving to a Tuscan Villa as much as moving to Northern California….but I’m not. Northern California will have to do. 😉

You will get the ladybug reference after you watch the movie. But until then, just remember…be calm. Be patient. Sometimes when you let the urgency and need of what you feel you really want or need go, it comes to you with ease.

Ladybugs. Let them come to you.

Happy Saturday my friend.

Kalee xo

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