Girl Power!


(A little snapshot of the Plaid for Women event on Saturday)

What a great weekend I had! Especially Saturday. It was a day full of laughter, learning, meeting new people, and watching other women support each other in their goals and dreams. I mean, come on…..all my favorite things!! It was awesome. So, what was I doing on Saturday where all this happened, you ask? Well, let me share with you all about my fabulous Saturday…(thanks for asking) 😉 ……

As you know (or you may not know if you are new to GIHY, but now you do), when I am not blogging or traveling, I am an event coordinator. Not so much one of those fabulous event planners who can create magic out of a bed sheet, or make a blank space become a fairtytale (I am creative, but not THAT creative)….no, I am more the kind of event coordinator that has an exaggerated attention for detail (ie:control freak), and who can facilitate and coordinate any event in my sleep. It is just something that comes very easy to me. I keep all the parties involved in the loop for their part of the pie, and I run the event like a general going to war. Once the event is over, I become my laid back self again. Wait..who am I kidding?? Turns out I am not that laid back at all!! In theory and in my head, I am way more laid back and easy going….oh well, admitting it is the first step, right my friend?! 😉

Anyway, I was helping coordinate an event for a fabulous women’s organization called Plaid for Women this past Saturday. This event was focused on helping women become first time bloggers and authors (or help enhance their current blog), and it also included a makeover and photography session to be used for updated head shots. As I watched the women in attendance visit with each other and introduce their dreams to one another, I sat back and basked in the aura of love and support. Not once did someone say, ” I don’t think that is a good idea”, or “there is already someone out there doing that, so why are you doing it”?, or my favorite, “well, that is a good idea for you.…” I know you know what tone that last one is usually said in….ugh!! Anyway, NONE of that happened. It was support and encouragement all around. It was fabulous!!

Then, as the women were transformed from their natural beauty to an enhanced version of themselves with their makeovers (face it, we all love a little pampering and someone doing our hair and makeup at times…), the smiles on their faces and the skip in their step (knowing how incredible they looked) was such a great thing to watch and be a part of. Again, I love this type of thing!! I am a girl’s girl, and I love to be around others who share that same mentality. WE ROCK LADIES!!!

I carry this continued feeling of connection and sisterhood as I enter this new week. I can’t wait to see how all the ladies head shots turn out, and I truly look forward to reading and sharing their blogs and books as they come to fruition. I am rooting them all on, just like I am always rooting YOU on my friend! Today is a great day to start on your own dreams. If you have put your dreams and goals away for “the right time”, I want you to know that there really is never a right time. The time is NOW! Dust those dreams off. Bring them to the light and GO FOR IT!!

Happy Monday! Big love from me to you.

Kalee xo

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