Dysfuntion Junction


Picture this….

A train is going down the tracks. You are sitting on it and looking forward to where the train is going to take you. Some of the destinations you are heading towards are very clear, but some will be a surprise. The train suddenly pulls into a stop called “Dysfunction Junction”. You have been at this stop before, but today it is not your turn to get off. Instead, you look out the window and watch other people disembark the train at this stop. Some of the people getting off look confused. They look mad. They look sad. Oh how happy you feel not to be the one getting off here today!! But, you remember when you had to get off at this stop. Oh yes, we all have to get off at this stop at some point in our travels. The memories are quite vivid, and again, you are just so thankful that today is not your day to visit “Dysfunction Junction” again………The train begins once again and you continue on your journey. Maybe today is a day you know exactly where your stop will be or maybe today will lead you to a surprise stop. Either way, it is not your day for “Dysfunction Junction” and that is something to celebrate. You sit back and enjoy the rest of your ride. For today at least……

Just a little love reminder from me to you, my friend, about life. If you are feeling like you are the ONLY one who doesn’t have it all together, or you feel like you are missing out when you hear others tell their stories or they share their pictures on social media, just remember that we are all on this train called LIFE and we ALL have to stop and spend some time at “Dysfunction Junction”. No one escapes it. NO ONE.

So give yourself a break. You are doing great. Today is what counts. And if for some reason you are the one stopped at “Dysfunction Junction” at this very moment, I am sending you love and encouragement. The train will be back very soon to get you out of that place and you WILL continue on your beautiful journey of life. I promise.

Happy Friday!

Kalee xo


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