Dots In The Universe

We are all strictly dots in the giant universe. We are all shapes. All colors. All going in many different directions, yet at the same time, traveling together as we move forward each day on this crazy journey we call LIFE.

Some of us are bigger dots on any given day, given our problems and stresses we are holding on to. Some of us are very small dots due to the fact that we see ourselves as insignificant. Some of us change the colors of our dots depending on who we surround ourselves with. Our dots are living and breathing and ever changing. Allow the movement my friend. Ebb and flow. It is okay. Some days just let your dot float among the masses, while other days take the lead and create the life flow.

In the grand scheme of things, our dots are here for such a short blip of time. Always try to remember this.

Happy Tuesday. Happy to be floating around this universe with you. xo

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