Days Like A Texas Spring Storm


First comes the thunder in the distance. Then, out of the blue, torrential rain, lightning, strong winds and hail. Mother Nature looks angry as the trees violently whip back and forth. Sometimes even further devastation is brought forth by a tornado. Houses are reduced to nothing but the foundation. Then everything becomes still.

Sometimes our lives mirror a Texas Spring storm. First come the signs that something is wrong, but we can’t put a finger on it, so they remain in the distance (sometimes there are NO signs, as was the case for my dark moments back in 2014). Then, out of the blue, shock, frustration, depression, and unfathomable events unfold. We may feel like we are being violently whipped back and forth with our experience, and often, we are stripped of everything we thought we knew to be true. We are left with nothing but our own foundation, the core of who we truly are. We become still.

After any storm, even the most severe, the sun comes back. The birds sing. The same trees that were whipped around violently during the storm, now proudly bloom their beautiful leaves. The gray clouds and darkness are replaced by blue skies. Everything becomes beautiful again, and although the landscape may have changed during the storm, it is still worth rebuilding. It will always be worth rebuilding, and worth being cherished.

Yes, storms happen in life. Sometimes over and over, just like Springtime in Texas. But as we have all heard before, (and I am here to tell you it is so true after experiencing my own dark storm a couple years ago), you cannot have a rainbow without the rain!

I wrote this specifically as a reminder for any of you who might be going through your own storm today. I am thinking of you. I want you to know that the sun WILL come out again, even if it doesn’t feel like it ever will right at this moment. Hold on dear friend, hold on.

Kalee xo

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