Beginnings and Endings


Happy August! It is the beginning of a new month, and yet it also feels like an ending is happening at the same time. August is unique in that way. It is a new month, but it is also a sign of the wrap of summer. The last hoorah of careless, lazy days for kids before a new school year starts. Family summer vacations tend to be memories at this point, and everyone is looking forward to football season, pumpkins and dare I say it…..Christmas (yes, only 4 months away)!!

But an ending doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes an ending brings new beginnings that we aren’t even aware we needed.

Equate this new beginning/ending month to the times in your life when everything was brand new, yet also an end of a chapter in your life. Maybe it was a new job. A new marriage. Divorce. A loved ones death. Being a parent for the first time. A move across the country. And so many more……All of those life experiences mark the end of what you previously knew your life to be, but they also brought a new beginning of what came next. And there is ALWAYS a what comes next moment….life goes on.

So, enjoy this unique new month that evokes both the feeling of new beginnings and endings. I hope it is all you wish it to be!

Kalee xo

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