Always Stop To Smell The Oranges

Yesterday morning as my husband and I were about 30 minutes into our flight from Dallas to San Francisco, a flight attendant came over the intercom and asked for any medical personnel on board to come to the back of the plane because one of our fellow passengers was suffering from a medical emergency. At one point, a flight attendant was actually running down the aisle. This can’t be good I thought. I hope this person is okay I thought. 

As I sat there in my seat wondering if we would be turning back to Dallas, or making an emergency landing at the nearest available airport, I was once again reminded how quickly one’s life can change. I sat in my seat trying to remember all the faces that filed past me earlier that morning as we all stood in line and boarded our plane. I don’t remember seeing anyone that “looked” sick, or “looked” like they were having a hard time. It was an early flight, so most of us were all clutching our coffee cups and looking forward to being in our seats so we could possibly resume some sort of sleep. Nope, not one person I could have pointed out and thought that in the next hour, this person will be suffering a medical emergency. Then again, that is usually the case right.

I think we all usually wake up in the morning knowing another day is ours to endure or enjoy. Another day of doing “the grind”. Yes, most days, for most of us, it is pretty routine. BUT, I am so thankful for little reminders like the incident on the plane (well, really all one has to do is read or watch the news on a daily basis for reminders…)….that help me keep in perspective that we actually ARE NOT guaranteed another day. Our moments are exactly that…moments…and at any of one those moments, they can be changed (or gone) forever. So, as you go about your routine day today my friend, just try to remember that the medical emergency on the plane could be any one of us, at any time. Enjoy your moments!

I am happy to tell you that the person ended up being okay on our flight. I am still not aware what the problem was, but after about an hour at the back of the plane, all seemed to be fine. I never saw the actual person who was having the problem,  but I hope today his/her day is going 100% better than how they started out yesterday. I hope they enjoy their moments!

THE GOOD NEWS IS: Erik and I are in California for the next 2 weeks!!! This makes my heart so happy! As an original California girl (born and raised until the age of 12 here), the feeling of nostalgia as we visit some familiar childhood places is amazing! I am one happy girl!!! Of course any time I travel, I am definitely in my happy place.

Well, I better go get dressed….Erik and I are off to go explore some wineries in Napa today (NOT familiar childhood places…hahaha)… of our favorite things to do. We went to two yesterday, and I took this picture:


One winery we visited had these little orange trees all around their property. They were so fragrant. WHY NOT stop and smell the oranges? We should all do that a little more in life……..

Make it a great day my friend! I plan on it! (I hope I remember it….) 😉




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