Alone Time Is Necessary

This picture of me was taken at Yosemite National Park in California last October. I remember that day very well. Crisp, blue skies. The smell of nature all around me. Being in awe of Mother Nature’s gifts that are showcased so magnificently in Yosemite. Yes, it was a perfect day.

I also remember how I felt sitting on top of that boulder. Even with several tourists standing in line to jump on top of the boulder after me, when I was the one sitting on top, time was silent for a moment. I was taking in the beauty of what my eyes were seeing, and pairing it with the thoughts in my mind of how peaceful it all was. How simple life seemed in that moment.

I remember asking myself as I sat there, “what is all this for, Kalee”?…. “what is your next step going to be, and is that step really what your heart and soul are asking for”?….yes, I sat and had a two minute conversation with myself about…well….myself!!

You see, we need the quiet time to bring perspective. We need the quiet time to re-connect with our core to see if we are on track or moving forward aimlessly. Are we honoring our true desires for how we want each day of our lives to look like, or are we getting caught up in the waves of expectations and acceptance of others?

Sometimes it takes a large boulder to bring the quietness we deserve. Hopefully it is a boulder, as in the picture above, that we willingly climb on top of for some perspective….but sometimes it is a boulder that comes crashing into us in the shape of many different things that suddenly stops us in our tracks and forces us to reflect on the who, what, when and where’s in life…(believe me, I have had both types of boulders, and I would choose climbing willingly any day..)!!!

All this to say my friend, when was the last time you spent some quiet time with yourself? I mean true quiet time. No TV. No friends. No distractions of any kind. True alone time. What did you do with it? Are you afraid of it? Don’t be. Getting to know yourself (again) is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It is not selfish. It is not a luxury.

Alone time is necessary. I will say it again….ALONE TIME IS NECESSARY!!

I encourage you today to go out and find a boulder (ie: a park, your couch, your bed, etc…you get my point…)…climb on top of it willingly and have a conversation with yourself. Maybe even put in a monthly appointment for yourself on your calendar. Some of you are laughing at that I bet, but I’m not. YOU are important enough to make the time.

Alone time. We all need it.

Written with love from me to you,

Kalee xo

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