Girl, I Hear Ya Wisdom: Busy doesn’t equal quality or successful.

Are you just “busy” my friend, or are you intentional with your time, both in your personal and professional life? Spend your time wisely.

Happy Wednesday. xo

Guess What?

Guess what? It’s okay not to want to invent the next million dollar thing. It’s okay to not want to start your own business. It’s okay to not want to travel more than a 30 mile radius. It’s okay not to put your kids in “all star” this and “private club team” that. It’s okay to not care about losing the last 10 pounds. It’s okay to let those wrinkles show. It’s okay to drive the same car until it can’t go anymore. AND, it’s okay if you DO want all those things. Guess what? It’s YOUR life! Do, make and create a life that you are content and happy with. Who cares what “they” say you are supposed to want or what success is supposed to look like.

Just in case you needed a reminder.  xo