Throwback Thursday is taking us back to when I was a young mom who still had no idea how sad life can be or how magical life can be.

My daughter (who is now almost 20) and I in 1998.

Happy Thursday my friend. xo

Forgiveness Is A Gift For YOU

Happy Sunday my friend. As I sit here this morning enjoying my coffee, the thought of forgiveness keeps coming to my mind. For some reason I am circling around to the moments in my life to when I truly forgave someone for a deep hurt they caused me. Let’s face it, if we live long enough, someone we love (family or friend) will cause us deep hurt. It can be debilitating hurt. It can be hurt that freezes us in time, and although we move forward in our motions, our heart is broken and we are internally stuck in the pain and anger. It can (and personally for me it did for years) make us resentful.

I remember when I was hurting and being resentful that I thought I was “getting back” at the person who hurt me by keeping my distance and having no communication. It was my way of punishing them. The thing was though, the only person feeling terrible was ME! The pain and anger that I allowed myself to fester inside was only keeping me stuck….not THEM.

So, I decided to forgive…..not for their benefit, but for MINE! It was like a layer of ugliness lifted from my body in the very moment I told myself that I forgave them. When I truly and deeply forgave them my life seemed less heavy. And the biggest shocker for me since that time, is that I can actually reflect back on my life with that certain person and see joy. I see the happy times. I don’t just see the bad. And I realize that this person has no affect on how my life looks today.

Yes, forgiveness is such a gift we can give ourselves. I will say it again, forgiveness is not to benefit the one who hurt us, it strictly allows us to move forward and move out of the pain, and bring us back to a place of clarity and love. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

This is for the ones who needed to hear this today.

As always, written with love from me to you,

Kalee xo

Throwback Thursday

Taking you back to Rome, Italy in 2011 for today’s Throwback Thursday. Hmmmmmm, should I go back to lighter hair??

Some days we don’t need hard life questions. Some days it can really just be about our hair.  Haha!

Happy Thursday my friend! xo


Everything you have power over:

  • Your thoughts
  • Your feelings
  • Your reactions
  • Your actions
  • Your dreams
  • Your love
  • Your willingness to forgive
  • Your body

Everything you DON’T have power over:

  • Others thoughts
  • Others feelings
  • Others reactions
  • Others actions
  • Others dreams
  • Others love
  • Others willingness to forgive
  • Others bodies


You are POWERLESS to change others.

You DO have the power to influence and inspire, but NOT CHANGE.

Just a friendly love reminder from me (a recovering want to change people because I care too much person)….. to you.

Kalee xo