I have recently re-done my office, and have left one of the main walls blank for a couple months until I could find the perfect picture.

Today I found it. This is it. To you it might just look like stairs, or you may even realize they are the stairs in Paris going up to Montmartre….to me, they are a vivid memory of huffing and puffing, (and more huffing), as I climbed those stairs with my husband and oldest daughter laughing at me back in 2012.

When I saw this picture at the store today, I laughed out loud remembering that moment. I knew right then that this was the perfect piece for my empty office wall.

Surround yourself with experiences my friend. With love. With what makes you smile.

Women: We Need Each Other

Women. We come in all shapes and sizes. All colors and personalities. Some of us are outgoing and live out loud for the world to see, and some of us are introverts who keep things closer to our hearts. Some of us are open to share our personal triumphs, hurts, and daily lives with the world, and then some of us keep everything private, and only share parts of ourselves with a core inner circle.

Women. It doesn’t matter where we fit in that spectrum above, and regardless of how we choose to express ourselves, we need each other. And most importantly, we need to stop judging one another for how we show up each day.

Have you ever thought that the one of us who is living the most public and out loud is the one who is hurting the most? Have you ever thought that the one who is more quiet and hesitant to expose her daily life is the one who is the strongest? Or have you ever thought what someone does or says in public has no hidden meaning at all? Could it be possible that she is sharing specifics of her life with the world with the only intention being to show her love for the world around her? We sometimes jump to conclusions of each other’s “why’s”.  “Why would she do that”? “Why would she say that”? “Why would she share that”?….”Why wouldn’t she want to share that”? Why wouldn’t she say that”?… much judgement on each other.

We need to stop it.

We need all of us, just the way we are. The way we show up each day. We need to love our fellow woman and encourage her. We need to let her know she doesn’t need to pretend. Pretend to be more outgoing, or pretend to be more silent. We are all needed in this world.

So, the next time you start asking yourself “why would she….”… take pause and just appreciate her for who she is.

Women: We Need Each Other.

With love and appreciation from me to you,

Kalee xo

Girlfriend Love

In my office, right next to my desk are love reminders from my girlfriends. I don’t know about you, but I need to be supported by women, and I need to support them. It is just who I am.

Let me have a Girl, I Hear Ya on women supporting women!!

Happy Tuesday. xo

(Oh, I also absolutely love and need my son, who is in this picture.)

Let Filters Be The Exception

Good morning. Welcome to what most of my mornings look like. After I wake up, I usually enjoy my first cup of coffee (or second…) in bed, watching the Today show, while checking emails, social media, etc. on my lap top. Yes, when you work from home, your “office” shape shifts from time to time. Mine usually starts with fluffy pillows for the first few hours of each day. 😉

Anyway, as I was starting my normal routine this morning, the word vulnerability kept coming to me. Over and over. Now, I have written about vulnerability before, so I am not sure why it is so front and center today, other than I have had 4 different people this week make reference to how hard it is to be completely vulnerable in our world today, so I feel I must share some recent thoughts I have had about being vulnerable.

I have had people thank me in the past for some of my most raw and honest words I have shared about previous dark moments in life. They say it is is brave to be vulnerable. They say I am so strong to be able to say out loud what is really going on.

Let me say this firmly…….I am not brave. I am not particularly strong. I am just a person who feels connected to people in a way that is hard to explain, and who wants to be able to comfort anyone who may need to hear it in ONE WAY ONLY: to let them (to let you) know that you are never alone.

That’s it. Simple really. None of us are ever alone. So when we truly realize this, the anxiety we feel when it comes to showing up in life just as we are, lessens. It doesn’t completely go away (I always have a bit of nervousness when writing or talking in a group), but when I focus on reaching someone out in the world who may be experiencing some of the same unexpected, scary, uncertain aspects in life that I have (or am), I want to scream from the rooftops: “you are not alone! I am here. I know. I am part of that club that no one wants to belong to. Me TOO”!! 

This doesn’t apply to just dark moments in life however. Being able to laugh at yourself, admit your flaws, and talk about your shortcomings is a most freeing experience. There is no pressure when we can be honest with ourselves and others….and boy does our society like to put pressure on us… in ALL aspects of our lives, right? (that gets a huge Girl, I Hear Ya!!!)…..

There is pressure not to talk about the bad. To always look our best. To never let them see you sweat. Well, I call bullshit on all of that. Our society can only be better and more connected, when we let go of all the filters we hide behind and just be. So, how does that sound? To just BE?

Don’t get me wrong, I still like to use the perfect filter in life sometimes too (especially in my social media pictures… ;)….), but hopefully the filters I pick (you pick), don’t completely cover up the vulnerability that makes us who we are. Show your original image on most days my friend, because it is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. So, whatever it is you have been holding back on due to the fact of being afraid to show your true self…do it. Write it. Speak it. Act on it.

So back to the image above….that is me this morning as I am writing this post to you. NO make up. My hair is not brushed. No filter used. Laying in my “office”. Just me.

Let our filters be an exception.

Written with love from me to you.

Kalee xo

Quit Being Afraid

Quit being afraid of who you are. Quit being afraid to show the softest part of who you are. Quit being afraid of what others might think. Quit being afraid that you have nothing to say. Quit being afraid of your anger. Quit being afraid of your happiness. Quit being afraid of love. Quit being afraid of starting over. Quit being afraid of living a life that others don’t understand. Quit being afraid of something or someone who may not look like you. Quit being afraid of reaching out. Quit being afraid that the answer may be “no”. Quit being afraid that the answer may be “yes”. Quit being afraid of letting go the things and people who don’t support your best self. Quit being afraid of the whispers of others. Quit being afraid to say you are sorry. All of it. Quit it right now.

Live your life my friend. Live it out loud. Live it with love. Live it with kindness.

Friendly love reminder from me to you.

Kalee xo