Life Transitions vs. Immediate Stops


As we go through life, there are milestones that we cross that society has deemed to be “successful” and “must do’s”.  We are born. We go to school. We go to college. We get married. We have kids. We work. We have grandkids. We retire. We die. And as we cross over from one chapter in life to another, we pause for just a moment to realize we have successfully completed a particular life chapter, only then to face forward and move towards the next elusive life marker.  Now with each of these “successful” life moments, there is usually a time frame that goes along with it. You know you will be in high school for a certain amount of years. You know college usually is a certain amount of years. You know that your work life will last a large amount of your adult years. And so on…..but the truth is, we really don’t know! No one does. No one can really know the time frame for any of it. Or if we will even have the chance to make it to the next chapter……

I have thought a lot about transition time in life lately. With my oldest daughter getting ready to make a permanent move to Florida in a week and a half, I have often thought this isn’t the way it is “supposed” to go. I am supposed to have a transition time with her where she goes to college but still has the known breaks from school where I know she will be home again. This somehow seems to ease the heartache that goes along with having a child grow up and leave the house. But I am not getting that. I have a child who has decided her life path will not include college and the traditional mile markers. When she moves to Florida, she will be working full time with no planned vacations home. Now, I must stop here and say how proud I am of my daughter and her determination to carve out a life of her own that she loves. She has put in all the hard work necessary to be successful in her move, and I know she will do just fine. I admire her independent spirit to buck the “system” and not fall in line with others expectations for her. Yes, she will do great things in life, on her own terms, in her own way. However, back to the transition of her moving…..there is none! She will move, and then we will have to figure out times to visit one another when we can. That is that. So surreal! It is like walking along a path with a loved one, we get to a river where we need to cross, and instead of finding stepping stones that may slow our progress of walking but still allow us to cross over, there is just water. It is an immediate stop in our path. We must jump all in and make a swim for it, or we walk around. Either way, it is not an easy transition, but a jolt to the system.

This is how life is however, isn’t it? We really don’t have any guarantees that our lives will transition easily from one chapter to the next. We see every day the lives that are cut short too soon for one reason or another. We see people who lose their jobs without any advance warning. We see people who get life debilitating illnesses that keep them from living the life they have always known. And so on, and so on……

We have the moments of today my friend. We have our loved ones today. We have our health today. We are not promised a life of easy transitions and next chapters. Enjoy it today! If you feel like somehow you are not “measuring up” to society’s definition of  “success” because you have chosen to live your life a certain way, stop it right now! You are doing exactly what you are meant to do! You are living your life exactly the way it should be lived! Maybe you don’t have smooth transitions in life but more stops and starts, that is perfectly okay. I want you to know YOU ARE LIVING THE LIFE YOU SHOULD LIVE!

My whole point of this blog my friends is to hopefully remind you that whatever you are planning for your “next chapter” in life, don’t hold off your happiness until then. Be happy now. Live your life now. Experience new things now. After all, you may just find yourself at an immediate stop in life instead of a smooth transition…….enjoy the moments.

As always, written with love from me to you……

Happy Monday!

Kalee xo