Time Flies


Just in case you are wondering, there are only 172 more days until Christmas…..you’re welcome. 😉 WHAT??!!

Time is slipping by quicker and quicker as each year passes. “They” say it happens when you get older, that time slips by so quickly that it is hard to hold onto…well, “they” are right it turns out. Time flies and there is nothing we can do about it…..

I have spent the last few days watching old home videos that I made of the kids when they were little. Watching my babies come home from the hospital, watching my babies learn to walk and talk, watching family members who have long since passed away enjoying family BBQ’s and holding my babies, (watching the stages of all my terrible hair choices….)….anyway, it has been like a time capsule that has opened up for me, and it makes me realize that those moments are long gone, and my moments of today will also be just memories before I know it.

These babies I refer to are now 16 and almost 19 (my oldest daughter’s birthday is July 31st!), and although I no longer spend my days with a video camera catching all their “firsts” in life, I am watching them. And they are growing up so quickly. My oldest will be moving to Florida to pursue her dreams of being a WWE Diva in around a month and a half. This means I will no longer have this particular “baby” to watch on a daily basis anymore. Yes, I have done my parenting job and raised a child that feels confident and secure in her choice to move so far away to pursue her dreams, but did it have to happen so quickly??!! How funny my perspective has changed from thinking 19 years seems like a lifetime, to 19 years seeming like no time at all……time flies (and not just when you are having fun….).

So my dear friend, enjoy your moments of today. Enjoy the good, the bad, all of it….because before you know it, 19 years will have come and gone, and regrets are the hardest thing to hold onto.

Love. Forgive. Laugh. Be kind. Don’t judge. Be thankful. Go for what seems ridiculous or impossible. Take that vacation. Drink the good wine. Use the fancy dishes just because. After all…….time flies.

Happy Wednesday!

Kalee xo

Connecting Through The Calm

Happy Saturday my friends! So, what are your plans this holiday weekend? I envision pool parties, BBQ’s, time spent on a lake, and just an overall relaxing time spent with family and friends. Am I right? Or maybe it will be more about quiet time spent alone, reflecting on how 2016 is going so far, and how to re-focus the next half of the year. Anyone?

I am a bit in the mix of both of those. Yes, we will be attending a neighborhood pool party with the kids this afternoon, and then tomorrow my parents will be coming over for a BBQ, but I am also in a time of reflection. I am in the beginning stages of my event management company ( I have 3 clients now…woo hoo!! 🙂 ), my oldest child is about to turn 19 and move to Florida, and sometimes I sit and think, how did all this happen? Life, I mean. How did this life of mine unfold?

I am actually not in a place of discontent or anxiety (at least not TODAY..), so it is not a type of reflection where I am thinking WTF, how am I here (I have had plenty of those types of reflections)…..no, it’s more of a things are going pretty well, I like where I am, how did I get here type of reflection, and how do I keep the momentum of good vibes going?

I have also recently realized that my writing is definitely affected by how I feel about my life at any moment. When I am anxious and feel those dark feelings coming on, I write like a maniac. The need to connect with others in times of shit seems to be my strong suit. After all, I am a people lover, and I always want you to know that you are never alone, so sharing my shit allows me to hopefully let you know that no matter how you are feeling, that I have been there most likely, and we will both get through it. It is just how I am. I always want to reach out and hug you (virtually or in person if I live by you), and I want to love you through your own dark moments. So, you will definitely know that things are not going so well when I start to have a blog post every day. 😉

On the other hand, I also want to be able to connect with you when things are very good! I tend to share pictures more during these times, because it seems weird to write to you about all the good that is going on. Now, I realize this is the complete opposite of what I always tell you to do…to celebrate you, to talk about how awesome you are, to relish in the great times….and I want you to know I am working on this. I am working on being able to write a post just because, or to connect with you about my accomplishments. This is just less natural for me. But I AM working on it.

As always, thank you for being here. Thank you for being patient when my writing is not coming as frequently as maybe it has in the past. It doesn’t mean I am not invested in this beautiful GIHY community. Just the exact opposite!! I am led every single day with thoughts of supporting you, loving you, encouraging you, making you laugh, giving you perspective that might hopefully help you get through your day, etc. I just need to get better at sharing my daily life, even when I am not in a tail spin! LOL!

So, no matter what you are doing this holiday weekend, know that I am wishing you lots of love and laughter! Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

Happy weekend!

Kalee xo