Deja Vu

10 years ago (at least): My friend Serena and I were in a Hobby Lobby in Texas securing beautiful home decor for her house when a typical Texas Spring storm decided to pass by. There was thunder, and lightning, and a tornado warning had been issued (welcome to Texas in the Spring!)…..well, we debated for several minutes on whether we should just leave our carts (2 very full carts of everything the store had to offer in rod iron….), make a run for it and head home, or keep shopping (after all, as I said before, this was just usual routine weather for the Spring in Texas)….well, we decided to keep shopping, and laughed our way through the entire storm. Lights flickered. Laughter. Our kids all at home (with the dad’s). Laughter. Picturing ourselves taking shelter behind all the rod iron pieces with all their sharp edges pointed directly at us. Laughter. (okay, not so funny, I mean how awful to be impaled by a 50% off piece of wall art! ) Side note: never pay full price at Hobby Lobby, it will be 50% off the next day….ANYWAY……Yes, I remember that day with fond memories and laugh at our determination that come hell or high water (literally on the water part), we were getting what we needed and getting her home decorated! I can proudly say we survived the storm and her house looked beautiful!

Yesterday: My friend Serena and I were in a Hobby Lobby in Florida (she has now moved here, and I have happily agreed to come and help make her new house a home), securing beautiful home decor for her house (no rod iron this time, but more light and bright neutrals…..there is a season for everything my friend….), and it was pouring down rain in sunny Florida. Not just the typical 5 minute tropical showers they usually get, but a full on Spring storm that started early that morning and didn’t let up until late last night. As we browsed the variety of candle holders Hobby Lobby had to offer (I LOVE candles!) we both looked at each other, and I knew we were thinking the same thing. And then we laughed. It was deja vu all over again. The two of us, with 2 (not so full this time) carts, and rain coming down. Thank goodness no threat of severe storm this time, but it just made me smile. It brought to the forefront of my mind this friendship I have with Serena and all the memories we have shared together.

Yes, not just the shopping together and laughing, but thinking to myself that although SO much has changed in the 10+ years since that first shopping experience to yesterday’s events, there is still so much in this friendship that has remained the same. We have been through a lot together….kids, my divorce, estrangement, hurt feelings, guilt, reconciliation (just to name a few things….), and yet the two things that have always remained is love and unconditional support. I don’t take that lightly or for granted. I appreciate all that we have been through together and am so thankful to be able to have deja vu moments that include her. This is a public show of my appreciation for her, and all that she brings to my life. Thank you Serena. I love you. I look forward to the next 10+ years and many more Hobby Lobby trips with you, no matter where you move to next! 😉

Now, I ask this to you my friend: who are your friends that make you a better person? Who are the friends that make you laugh and look back with fond memories? How about you tell them today just how much they mean to you. I don’t mean tell them in a text or email, but actually pick up the phone and let them hear you say it. Life is way too short not to…….

Have a fabulous weekend my friend! Whatever you do, be sure you are kind to yourself and kind to others.

I have one more day in (once again) sunny Florida! One more day with my friend, Serena. I will be sure to make it count.

Kalee xoxo



This is me and my girlfriend, Serena, two years ago. Yes, that is our motto, and yes there is my favorite hat again! I really do love that hat! AND my friend! 🙂

Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder


Space Shuttle Atlantis. The moment the screen opened up and this was in front of me, I actually let out

a huge “wow”! My eyes were as big as saucers. I was in awe! 


So friends, I have spent the last two days in wonderment. My husband and I are here in Florida visiting our friends, and we all decided spontaneously to visit the Kennedy Space Center on Saturday and Epcot at Disney World yesterday. These where not previously scheduled on our itinerary. In fact, we had no itinerary at all when we flew here on Friday, other than spending quality time with our best friends, but we all thought, why not? (life passes by so quickly….if you want to, then DO!)…..anyway, the last two days have been full of laughter, education, friendship and wonder! However, I realized as I was catching myself reacting to things like a child normally would, I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I had felt such an innocent sense of wonderment. It had been a long time. It made me take a pause and ask myself why? I don’t really have an answer to that, other than I stopped looking for it I guess…..

When we are kids, everything is new and amazing. We learn about things with fresh ears, and we do not carry around preconceived ideas of what anything means. We believe what we are being told. We believe we can do anything. And then we grow up….

We learn as we get older that not everything is amazing. Our ears become jaded and our past experiences guide the new ones we come across. We don’t believe everything we are told, and we certainly become keenly aware that we actually cannot do just anything…but why do we lose the sense of wonder? (okay, not lose, but maybe tuck away…)

As I re-learned some things about space (because lets face it, I DID learn some of this stuff in school, but that was a long time ago, and well…I can’t be expected to remember EVERYTHING…)….when we were visiting the Kennedy Space Center, I could feel my jaw drop and my eyes widen. It was fascinating! The excitement of the Apollo days and what it must have felt like for families sitting around their (one) TV in the house waiting to watch a man walk on the moon, or waiting to see successful launch missions, I mean…wow! As I sat in a simulated launch for one of the Apollo missions, I couldn’t wait to see how it would all turn out. Were we really going to launch? Was there going to be a mal-function? Anything seemed possible, even if I was just actually just sitting in a room with 50 other people, watching a film, and having special effects around me shake the windows as we pretended to launch. It was exciting! It got my heart racing! I was in awe of the entire process. Now I want to be an astronaut when I grow up…(okay not really, but that is how it makes you feel!)….definitely a cool way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The wonderment and fun continued as we spent the day at Epcot yesterday. This is Disney’s version of space and world exploration. Again, anything is possible! As the 4 of us adults (no kids went along for the ride on this trip), we embraced our environment with positive and open minds. Yes, 3 of us had been here before, but we were all looking at the day with new eyes, and ready for anything. We took advantage of all that was laid out in front of us and we PLAYED! We took pictures with the funny cut-out images where you peek your head through, we danced to music we heard as we walked around, we tried new drinks we had never heard of, some of us went up in a virtual jet fighter that flipped in circles, just as you would imagine as a child, what that must feel like. It was such a great day! Again, no time constraints. Not worried about an agenda. Not thinking about what comes next. Just enjoying being in the moment and enjoying the awesomeness of it all! Being a kid for a day. I highly recommend it!

So my friend, now I ask you: When was the last time you felt a genuine sense of wonder? If you can’t remember, go purposely find it asap. It changes you. It replenishes something we all need, yet somehow unknowingly we set aside as we grow up, the sense of possibility. The sense of an open ended life journey where we have any option we choose. There is nothing like that feeling. I hope I stay in this feeling for awhile……..

Make it a great week ahead my friend! I believe in you. Thanks for believing in me too!

Kalee xoxo

Lets Keep Things Civilized Please



So I am reading this new book that grabbed my attention at the store the other day. It is not the typical type of book I read, but it intrigued me, so I thought I would give it a shot. I am only a few chapters in, and it is pretty creepy. It is basically a guy stalking a girl he met one time in a bookstore and ends up finding out intimate details about her all via online social media and stuff (ummm, could happen to any of us really!!), and as far as 2 chapters in, he is becoming a silent voyeur to her world ( I know…ewwww…but can’t wait to see what happens next!!)…..but its not the story so much that I want to share with you at the moment (keep you posted on how good the book actually is when I am done with it), but I want to discuss a line in the book I read yesterday that stuck with me all day and I couldn’t shake it. Here it is: “Eye contact is what keeps us civilized”.  Chills. And yes!

How many of us are starving for eye contact with others? How many of us are living through the filters of our virtual worlds and are missing out on true connection? On true understanding? Lets face it, there is a whole lot of craziness happening in our world these days, and that one simple line summed it all up for me yesterday. Okay, maybe not ALL the problems in the world, but for a lot of them.

When we lack the opportunity to connect with another human being through eye contact, we lack the opportunity to see what they are saying. We can’t hear the hurt that maybe their hateful words are originating from. We can’t share our empathy in a stagnant sentence made up of words in an email or a text without the other person recognizing themselves possibly in our eyes. Yes, the connection that is shared between two human beings when they are face to face with one another is irreplaceable. But you say (I say)….“but I am just so busy, and I don’t have the time to meet with anyone”, or “texting is just easier”…..I am calling bullshit on that for you and for myself. We can always make time for what and who are truly important, and having honest and true connections with one another should always be what is most important! Obviously we have all gotten so far away from one to one connections that our world is showing the consequences of it. The hate, the judgement, the lack of compassion. So easy to do behind a wall of virtual reality.

Now, I am not saying this virtual world is a bad thing (I wouldn’t be able to write to and talk to you on this blog if we didn’t have it), but I am saying I believe the pendulum has swung way off balance between altered connections and true human connection. Let’s change that. Let’s promise to make one change a day in our own individual lives to strip the filters, and look into the bare truth of one another’s eyes. It just is a must for me. How about you?

Let’s keep things civilized (or get things back to being civilized). Let’s connect with our friends and family again. With strangers in the stores and any other public places we go to on a daily basis. Look them in the eye. Say hello. Connect. I am pretty sure you won’t regret it.

Now back to this creepy book….keep you posted on how it turns out…..

Kalee xoxo