Some Days It Is Just Hard To Be Motivated

Some days it is just hard to be motivated. Anyone have a Girl, I Hear Ya for me on that?

I am in the middle of packing for our move to California and I have stalled. I just can’t seem to get my groove in the mist of all the boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. It seems overwhelming.

So today I will just sit. Tomorrow I will try to continue again.

Some days are like this you know. Some days it is just hard to be motivated. But you know what? It’s okay.

I think someone needed this reminder today (along with myself).

Happy Thursday!

Kalee xo

“Ladybugs Katherine…Ladybugs”!! ~ Frances

My very favorite movie is “Under the Tuscan Sun”. I feel like I have a little part of Frances in me. Have you seen the movie? If not, stop what you are doing, go find it on Netflix or Redbox or wherever you can find it, grab a nice glass of red or white and watch it. It is so good and SO ME! I could easily be moving to a Tuscan Villa as much as moving to Northern California….but I’m not. Northern California will have to do. 😉

You will get the ladybug reference after you watch the movie. But until then, just remember…be calm. Be patient. Sometimes when you let the urgency and need of what you feel you really want or need go, it comes to you with ease.

Ladybugs. Let them come to you.

Happy Saturday my friend.

Kalee xo

Dysfuntion Junction


Picture this….

A train is going down the tracks. You are sitting on it and looking forward to where the train is going to take you. Some of the destinations you are heading towards are very clear, but some will be a surprise. The train suddenly pulls into a stop called “Dysfunction Junction”. You have been at this stop before, but today it is not your turn to get off. Instead, you look out the window and watch other people disembark the train at this stop. Some of the people getting off look confused. They look mad. They look sad. Oh how happy you feel not to be the one getting off here today!! But, you remember when you had to get off at this stop. Oh yes, we all have to get off at this stop at some point in our travels. The memories are quite vivid, and again, you are just so thankful that today is not your day to visit “Dysfunction Junction” again………The train begins once again and you continue on your journey. Maybe today is a day you know exactly where your stop will be or maybe today will lead you to a surprise stop. Either way, it is not your day for “Dysfunction Junction” and that is something to celebrate. You sit back and enjoy the rest of your ride. For today at least……

Just a little love reminder from me to you, my friend, about life. If you are feeling like you are the ONLY one who doesn’t have it all together, or you feel like you are missing out when you hear others tell their stories or they share their pictures on social media, just remember that we are all on this train called LIFE and we ALL have to stop and spend some time at “Dysfunction Junction”. No one escapes it. NO ONE.

So give yourself a break. You are doing great. Today is what counts. And if for some reason you are the one stopped at “Dysfunction Junction” at this very moment, I am sending you love and encouragement. The train will be back very soon to get you out of that place and you WILL continue on your beautiful journey of life. I promise.

Happy Friday!

Kalee xo


The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Good morning. Hooray! Look at my cute little avatar! There she is again!! So great to revive her and see my favorite hat!! 🙂 Anyway…lets talk.

I want to let you know that I have been lying to myself for quite some time now. It has looked something like this:

“What I have to say doesn’t really matter”. “I have nothing to share that is meaningful”. “No one misses what I have shared previously”. “I don’t want to emotionally invest in anyone else outside my close friends and family”. “There are SO many people out there writing about similar things that I tend to write about”….and the list of self-conversation goes on and on….

Can I hear some of you already saying..”GIRL, I HEAR YA”???!! (don’t be shy, you are…)

Well, I am lying to myself with that self talk and you are lying to yourself if you are having those same self discussions.

Here is the deal. We ALL have something unique to give that no one else in the world has. No one else has been through our own personal experiences and no one else can view the world from our perspective. Similar perspective and experiences? Absolutely. But from OUR experience and perspective? Never.

After living almost 47 years, I have come to the conclusion that we are put on this planet to share who we are with others. To connect in a deep, human way that can only come from where we have been in life. The happy places, and the dark places (those of you who have followed my blogs for a while know I was in the dark place a few years ago). All of it. If we are honest with ourselves and for-go the “life is perfect” persona we all gladly share way too often (my hand raised too!), then this is where the beauty of life lies. In the real. In the messy. These are the moments I cherish the most because it shows what it means to be human.

Let’s also talk about the gifts we all have in our born personalities. I now know that one of my gifts is people. I am really good with people and connecting on a deep level with most people I meet. That is a gift. I don’t take this for granted (anymore). I also know not everyone has this gift. They have other gifts. We all do and when we truly connect with what our gifts are, there is magic in life. Let’s face it, I am NEVER going to be good at math, or a star athlete, but that is okay. There are many people out there that share that gift with others. I don’t have to be anyone else but me. My gift is people and sharing my truth in the way I see fit. One of these is writing this blog. AND, I DO care about people. As much as I try not to (that sounds terrible I know) I just do. I get invested in people whether I want to or not. It is just who I am. So me trying to not invest in people emotionally is futile. And, I’m okay with that.

So, it feels so good to be back writing. Thank you for being here. I may not know you are here, but please always know you are so appreciated. I am honored to share my words with you. I now embrace that my writing has value and it means something not only to me but to many others who have been asking for a while about when I would start writing again. They said my words are helpful to them. Wow. Pretty cool to embrace my gift.

Now to turn this on you: What are you lying to yourself about? What gifts are you withholding from all of us that give us such value? What self conversations are you having that keep you from being who you really are?

Embrace your gifts my friend. Let go of the negative self talk. Life is short. Be you. There is no one else I would ever want you to be.

As always, written with love from me to you,

Kalee xo


It’s Been Awhile

Well hello my friends! What have you been up to this past year? I took a break from writing as I was busy with my full time event manager job, but now I am in a position of transition. I am getting ready to move to California after living in Texas for 30 years (although I am an original California girl, so going “home”!), most of my kids are out of the house, and I will begin a new stage of “me”.

What does that mean? Not sure yet. Stay tuned and I will take you on this new adventure with me.

Until then, hope you are doing well and look forward to re-connecting with you.

Keep it honest. Keep it real. Be kind.

Kalee xo

Stop doubting yourself. Stop waiting for the “perfect” time. Stop listening to others who say you can’t.

I believe in you. I believe you can. xo

Girl, I Hear Ya Wisdom: Busy doesn’t equal quality or successful.

Are you just “busy” my friend, or are you intentional with your time, both in your personal and professional life? Spend your time wisely.

Happy Wednesday. xo

Guess What?

Guess what? It’s okay not to want to invent the next million dollar thing. It’s okay to not want to start your own business. It’s okay to not want to travel more than a 30 mile radius. It’s okay not to put your kids in “all star” this and “private club team” that. It’s okay to not care about losing the last 10 pounds. It’s okay to let those wrinkles show. It’s okay to drive the same car until it can’t go anymore. AND, it’s okay if you DO want all those things. Guess what? It’s YOUR life! Do, make and create a life that you are content and happy with. Who cares what “they” say you are supposed to want or what success is supposed to look like.

Just in case you needed a reminder.  xo